Helping Yourself AND Helping Others

Helping Yourself AND Helping Others

We all live under the same sky and many of us have probably had some of the same thoughts and feelings over time.  You are the only person who truly lives with your inner self 24-7 however.  Other people may only have a cursory, “snapshot” view of who you really are deep inside.  You may not even fully know who you are yet…many of us are in a fluid state of being, changing, learning, growing, deciding what is truly important to us.

The concept of holistic abundance–a whole approach to abundance means body, mind, soul and finances…strives to delve into this in a manner that will help others, help you and help me. I think and feel that there have to be other people out there, somewhere, who resonate with the desire to both help themselves and help others…yet, perhaps that can seem a bit vague or abstract at times…what are some concrete, specific ways to do that, SEO be damned?

Well, each of us will have to grapple with exactly how far we go in trying to help others…just handing out tons of money to people who are unprepared for how to deal with it can have some potential downsides. It could actually stunt a person’s growth if they don’t have to put forth much effort in life…don’t have to grow some via dealing with adversity, don’t have to read/experience/learn much, don’t have to develop talents, gifts and skills, or become willing to sit around not working at all but expect someone else who worked hard to keep providing them with plenty of money.  Yet, we also know that sometimes people experience hard times, misfortune, lose a job, get sick, and are in desperate need of help in some manner.  Most of us could not make it through life if someone had not helped us through some rough patches.

Hard reality–I want to eventually make some money by forming this corporation I call Holistic Abundance Inc.  But I truly do want for some others to be helped and empowered by some of what I share here. Maybe it isn’t a perfect world…yet, somehow with positive thinking, some action, learning from experiences and learning from others–we can still grow, improve and prosper together. Doesn’t mean there won’t be obstacles and adversity in life or that everything will magically go our way all the time because we practice the Law of Attraction, pray sincerely to God, become an expert in our field, etc.  …but life does have a way of generally getting better for you if you keep trying, keep learning and cultivate a bit more positive thinking.

Next post–some specific tools and knowledge about trading stocks, investing in stocks.

written by Kirby Scott Coe, R.N., President of Holistic Abundance Inc.

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