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Holistic Abundance Changes!

Holistic Abundance Changes!

Holistic Abundance Inc. is making changes. The only network marketing/MLM tie-in that will remain is with Plexus…my website for that is

We will still have our online store at and have a superb tie in with where you can get huge discounts on a wide variety of name brand healthy products as well as get some referral bonus stuff (see website). And we will still be tied in with Wealthy Affiliate.

Letting go of network marketing gigs with Sisel, Prime My Body, Beachbody and not pursuing some others that were in the works. There are good aspects to the above but reallocating budget, time and energy for building up corporate accounts for trading stocks, Forex/currency trading and Bitcoin/cryptocurrency trading. The expertise and efficient use of funds prudently suggest this course of action instead of having resources scattered, spread too thin on too many network marketing/MLM situations.

We have also let go of the prosperityholistic dot com website. Holistic Abundance Inc. was basically formed out of that concept so it didn’t really make sense in the long run to have duplicated efforts when it can be focused here.

Meanwhile, you can check here and also on the Holistic Abundance Inc. Facebook page for upcoming articles…some written by me and some shared from others…on helpful info for mind, body, soul and finances.

There are also a couple of domains not being used right now that we have for future projects down the road but that is more long range. Will go into that more later on.

Money Helps With Freedom, Other Goals

Money Helps With Freedom, Other Goals

Do you really want more money? It is hard to live without it, isn’t it?  What most people really want, when they think they want more money is the freedom that more money would give them to pursue other goals, interests, passions and so on. Or do some lose sight of that?  Sure, some hard work, focus on building a career, whittling down debt, some investments and savings, perhaps even some entrepreneurship, etc. are overall positive things. But is it to augment a good life…or does living a life fall by the wayside due to all-work-and-no-play tunnel vision mode that sucks the passion and joy from life while gradually destroying health as well.

Yet, there is hardly a lazy person’s way to greater financial freedom and the accompanying holistic abundance.  If you want to trade stocks, or invest in precious metals, or dabble in forex/currency trading–you better learn something about it.

If you want a decent career to help fund further investments and opportunities, you have to engage in some sweat equity–either learn a trade, study on your own, go to college, etc.  Even if all you want to do is get in better shape, it will happen more efficiently if you learn something about exercise, nutrition, potential with supplements and so on.

Generally, if you want to be well-rounded, you have to incorporate some other healthy habits— reading and acquiring knowledge, meditation and prayer, getting quality rest and sleep, having some fun with hobbies and interests.

You really have a chance to accelerate your potential if you get into a sort of hobby or interest, so to speak, where you actually have a chance for financial gain and improved health. That is where I am heading as I become more and more consistent with exercise and an overall healthier diet plus enjoying the exploration of online Moneymaking opportunities plus learning more and more about trading stocks and forex over recent years.

Find a passion or “hobby” where it can overlap with being your fun time as well as being an avenue for greater health and wealth.

Let’s do it!

Written by Kirby Scott Coe, Registered Nurse and President of Holistic Abundance Inc.

Trading Stocks, Investing for the Not-Yet-Rich

Trading Stocks, Investing for the Not-Yet-Rich

I have noticed from talking to a wide variety of folks over a period of time that a lot of people who are fairly intelligent have some interest in stocks and investing but don’t know much about it. I will hear someone say “I wish I knew more about it.” For some reason, it does seem that many did not get much exposure to personal finances, stocks and investing in the public schools. Is it any wonder that many folks who actually make a decent income, do a good job at work, are fairly knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics, actually flounder some in their personal financial lives?–piling up debt, living from paycheck to paycheck, not saving enough–or at all–for retirement?

Well–here is a starting point for you from a guy who went through a lot of that…I piled up debt, learned bits and pieces about stocks, trading and investing–but with some missing pieces, gaps. I even have personal bankruptcy on my record.  I hope some of what I have picked up can save you some trouble, especially if you are younger.  But hopefully, even if you are a bit older, I can share a few helpful tidbits in this short article.

Well, first of all, not much in life is really guaranteed. You do have to take some risks to have a chance at greater rewards.  And even seasoned, experienced, successful stock traders are wrong some of the time. If you can accept that, read on…

Some basic starting points are to realize that there are different styles of trading stocks and investing in stocks. Many of you might have a 401k or 403 retirement plan at work.  There are probably different mutual funds available that invest in a large number of different stocks. If you have such a plan and the company matches part of what you put into it–you must do this!  Sure, the stock market will have dips and rough times over the years, but if you are getting “free money” in the form of a company match for part of your contribution, you absolutely should take that…and you generally have a tax break on top of this.

Another form of investing is value investing which is what billionaire Warren Buffett does, largely through the vehicle of his company Berkshire Hathaway. He buys shares of different companies, often when the price of the stock is down some but the company still has some underlying strength, value. And he holds for a long time.

Another form of stock trading/investing is something to consider for those without a huge nest egg who want some method to actually have a chance at becoming a millionaire within a relatively short amount of time. Become willing to learn more about either day trading and/or swing trading low priced stocks.  One of the best books to give you insight into the minds of people who have successfully gone from rags to riches doing this, featuring their learning curves and mistakes along the way, is “Momo Traders” by Brady Dahl.  There is also a free book that you can google and read online by Timothy Sykes called “An American Hedge Fund” which details his ups and downs taking a few thousand dollars of Bar Mitzvah money as a teenager and becoming a multimillionaire in a few short years.  Sykes also teaches now and you can find some free videos on you tube with him.  If you want, you can also go to on the web and become a Pennystocking Silver member, paying a monthly fee to have access to a huge amount of educational material, a chat room, etc.

One important word of advice–as you gradually become more familiar with recurring patterns in the stock market, you can also gradually scale up some of the money you put into each trade. If you are starting with a very small amount but want to get your feet wet, one good place to go is –they do not require a minimum account balance and also charge $0 commission for trading stocks.  Once you have $500 or more, it would be good to open an account with ETrade…they have better execution on trades overall, and also have more low priced stocks available for trading…plus once you have $2,000, you can also short sell stocks which means you make money on the stock when the price drops. If you have less than $25,000 available for trading stocks and want to make Day trades –buying and selling the same stock on the same day–you are only allowed to do three Day trades per five trading days. So, if you have a small account at, say, Robinhood and ETrade, you could actually do six day trades per five trading days (three day trades x 2 accounts).

I have found for the smaller investor especially, that StocksToTrade is the best software to use to help with your trading. They show percentage gainers pre-market, have live Level 2 where you can see blocks of buyers and sellers for whatever stock you are looking at, capacity to make your own specialized, customized watchlists, the ability to practice “paper trading” (without real money to practice your strategy and gain skill) and other features, such as news on the stocks you have on your radar.

Some of the low priced stocks are not good companies–what you are trying to get good at is taking the “meat of the move” on a stock when it spikes upward…then get out of most or all of your position when it appears the stock rise may be weakening…or even before that if you want to be extra cautious. Some of the low priced stocks that spike upward temporarily may actually be part of what is called a “pump and dump”–which is a term for a stock that might be heavily promoted by people who are paid to do the promoting via various means such as newsletters, e-mails, various advertising, etc…and the stock price almost always ends up going back down eventually.  Some traders make money also when the stock begins to crash by engaging in short selling as mentioned above. You have to have a little bigger account to short sell, plus there is a bigger risk–you could blow up your account and lose big if the stock keeps going up instead of dropping in price.

One of the most important rules for successful stock traders is this–cut losses quickly. Don’t fall in love with the stock and don’t let Hope be a strategy–just get out of the trade with minimal losses if the stock did not do what you thought it would do. No one is right on every trade.  Even guys like Tim Sykes and Tim Grittani who became millionaires from trading only have winning trades a bit over 70% of the time…but they learned to usually minimize their losses.

And don’t argue with what the price action is telling you when you trade low priced stocks. You can perform some intellectual gymnastics and rationalize why this or that stock should behave a certain way–and your reasons may be impressive and well-researched–but if the price action in the real world that day isn’t behaving like you think it should…well, the price action wins.

Holistic Abundance Inc. will become a company worth millions of dollars over the next few years…and the reason is because the company will be following rules that successful traders have used.  It doesn’t even matter if our online store or other sales ventures make much money, although we will still be involved in those aspects of the business–those rely on, depend upon, other people deciding whether or not they will buy something from us.  But with stocks, and forex also to some degree, you will make money over time if you learn the patterns, follow some good rules, minimize losses…rinse and repeat.

–written by Kirby Scott Coe, R.N., President of Holistic Abundance Inc.


Online Money Making–Stocks, Forex, Sales

Online Money Making–Stocks, Forex, Sales

Here is a brief overview of some of the ways to make money online–Holistic Abundance Inc. will be delving into a variety of these for diversification and we will discuss this for your benefit as well. First–stocks: trading and investing. There are many online brokers who are reliable and the average person can open an account rather easily for a small amount of money. The corporation will be looking to utilize ETrade which only requires $500 to open an account. For very small investors/traders who are getting their feet wet and seeking to gain experience, or have limited funds, Robinhood is not a bad choice–no commission costs for trades and no minimum balance for accounts. However, ETrade is better overall as you can short sell stocks there, the execution is better and more low priced stocks are available for trading. Others like TD Ameritrade are also reputable. Many people who do not want to spend the time or lack the passion for learning more about stocks might be better served investing in mutual funds, such as a Vanguard  stock market index funds with very low fees. A system of regular investing known as dollar cost averaging will minimize trying to time the peaks and valleys of the market ups and downs over the years. Be sure to utilize any available 401/403 plan at work that provides a matching contribution by the employer and tax breaks as well. For your IRA, you may want to consider a mix of a traditional IRA for the tax break it gives you each year and a Roth IRA where you are not taxed at all on any withdrawals after age 59-1/2. One interesting idea for the Roth IRA would be to include a few speculative stocks that you think have the potential for explosive growth over time as you would not have to pay any taxes on the money when cashing in at the eligible age if it became something like the next Apple.

The forex, or currency trading, market is another option to explore for online money-making. Holistic Abundance Inc. is in the process of utilizing for currency trading. Again, this is an area that would require someone to go through a learning curve to become more familiar with forex. You actually can open up a free demo account at and practice trading currencies before risking real money. Also, there is a school for learning more about currency trading for free at

Online sales, such as opening up your own e-store online, is another option some explore. Again, there will be a learning curve and some time and expense to set this up. Holistic Abundance Inc. is in the process of setting up a couple of online stores right now to sell a variety of products. One thing that is important to keep in mind is that you are, in a sense, at the “mercy” of other people deciding to buy your products. Also, you may need to spend money on advertising to try and drive more traffic to your website so you have a chance of more people looking over what you have to offer.

Online network marketing is also an option. Less expense and less website techie knowledge to get started, but, again, you do depend on whether or not other people decide to buy products from you and/or enroll under you. While potentially good in concept, some network marketing companies might have products that seem too expensive to some prospective customers, while others may have had a past experience where they tried a MLM (multilevel marketing company) and didn’t make much money from it. Holistic Abundance Inc. will be selective by choosing only companies that meet the following criteria–a good website online for people to enroll and/or buy what are good products and good potential opportunity, plus good support. It is also nice to have the option to be less time-intensive when busy with other obligations such as a full time job, family, situations that arise (as does happen in real life vs abstract perfect scenarios).

Another potential online money-maker can be writing books for publication via Amazon, smashwords, etc. –if the online e-book gains some traction and sales take off, the royalties could be quite lucrative. Again, you would have to spend some time and effort in writing a book and there are no guarantees at all that it will become a big seller, despite many hours writing the book.

Sometimes you just have to give something a shot because you want to see what you can do. Some folks probably give up too soon before going through a learning curve and also gradually getting more exposure to potential customers.

It is nice to have the freedom to look into the various possibilities and see what might be your passion, your niche, the opportunity that resonates with you.

Another thing to keep in mind is affiliate marketing–you can create accounts for free with places like Rakuten Linkshare and which have deals with a huge number of companies, some very large and well-known, who will provide you with the opportunity to post banner ads on your website.  If people click on the ad and buy a product from the other company, you will get a commission from the sale.  While there is no cost at all for you, it is good to keep in mind that you still have to create your own website and find a way to drive traffic to your website so that enough people will see the ads, click on them and then buy something.  Again, no guarantees.

But there aren’t many guarantees in life.  Each person gets to decide how much effort they want to put into learning something, what their risk tolerance might be for some endeavors and conduct an inner search on their own talents, passions, desire to learn and grow…no one else can do it for you.