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Holistic Abundance Changes!

Holistic Abundance Changes!

Holistic Abundance Inc. is making changes. The only network marketing/MLM tie-in that will remain is with Plexus…my website for that is

We will still have our online store at and have a superb tie in with where you can get huge discounts on a wide variety of name brand healthy products as well as get some referral bonus stuff (see website). And we will still be tied in with Wealthy Affiliate.

Letting go of network marketing gigs with Sisel, Prime My Body, Beachbody and not pursuing some others that were in the works. There are good aspects to the above but reallocating budget, time and energy for building up corporate accounts for trading stocks, Forex/currency trading and Bitcoin/cryptocurrency trading. The expertise and efficient use of funds prudently suggest this course of action instead of having resources scattered, spread too thin on too many network marketing/MLM situations.

We have also let go of the prosperityholistic dot com website. Holistic Abundance Inc. was basically formed out of that concept so it didn’t really make sense in the long run to have duplicated efforts when it can be focused here.

Meanwhile, you can check here and also on the Holistic Abundance Inc. Facebook page for upcoming articles…some written by me and some shared from others…on helpful info for mind, body, soul and finances.

There are also a couple of domains not being used right now that we have for future projects down the road but that is more long range. Will go into that more later on.

Plexus and Beachbody Double Whammy for Health and Making Money

Plexus and Beachbody Double Whammy for Health and Making Money

I recommend both Beachbody and Plexus for combining health and fitness with the opportunity to make money. See and for more details. Not only are the products superior for personal use, but the potential to make money both from your own sales via provided websites and money from the sales of those who enroll under you (and those they enroll) are sweet, indeed. I am on a monthly autoship (aka convenience order) with both companies.  I signed up for access to all of the Beachbody workouts on demand (huge variety) and the Beachbody Shakeology monthly delivery which contains a variety of superfoods and protein in each shake packet. Then, I get Plexus Slim and Accelerator from Plexus delivered each month–superior ingredients!

Both are highly regarded network marketing opportunities as well…they provide you with a website that is maintenance-free … in other words, you do not need web design and coding skills, etc.  People from all over the country can sign up from your websites to either buy products and/or enroll under you to do the same. You can read more details at the websites mentioned above or contact me. Thanks!

written by Kirby Scott Coe, President of Holistic Abundance Inc.

Money Helps With Freedom, Other Goals

Money Helps With Freedom, Other Goals

Do you really want more money? It is hard to live without it, isn’t it?  What most people really want, when they think they want more money is the freedom that more money would give them to pursue other goals, interests, passions and so on. Or do some lose sight of that?  Sure, some hard work, focus on building a career, whittling down debt, some investments and savings, perhaps even some entrepreneurship, etc. are overall positive things. But is it to augment a good life…or does living a life fall by the wayside due to all-work-and-no-play tunnel vision mode that sucks the passion and joy from life while gradually destroying health as well.

Yet, there is hardly a lazy person’s way to greater financial freedom and the accompanying holistic abundance.  If you want to trade stocks, or invest in precious metals, or dabble in forex/currency trading–you better learn something about it.

If you want a decent career to help fund further investments and opportunities, you have to engage in some sweat equity–either learn a trade, study on your own, go to college, etc.  Even if all you want to do is get in better shape, it will happen more efficiently if you learn something about exercise, nutrition, potential with supplements and so on.

Generally, if you want to be well-rounded, you have to incorporate some other healthy habits— reading and acquiring knowledge, meditation and prayer, getting quality rest and sleep, having some fun with hobbies and interests.

You really have a chance to accelerate your potential if you get into a sort of hobby or interest, so to speak, where you actually have a chance for financial gain and improved health. That is where I am heading as I become more and more consistent with exercise and an overall healthier diet plus enjoying the exploration of online Moneymaking opportunities plus learning more and more about trading stocks and forex over recent years.

Find a passion or “hobby” where it can overlap with being your fun time as well as being an avenue for greater health and wealth.

Let’s do it!

Written by Kirby Scott Coe, Registered Nurse and President of Holistic Abundance Inc.

Meditation, Mindfulness, Mind Development, Yoga

Meditation, Mindfulness, Mind Development, Yoga

Meditation is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You actually have to experience it rather than just read about it. Practice consistent meditation…even short periods will be beneficial in many ways if you keep at it. There are different schools of meditation techniques, perspectives. Some think it is completely clearing the mind of all thoughts…but much is gained by getting quiet and observing the mind…you can follow your breath, slowly breathing in and out, becoming aware of how your body feels, listening to sounds in your environment, noticing the mental chatter in your mind…becoming aware of thinking instead of on autopilot so much.

There are guided meditations which can be helpful for beginner skills especially– check out …you can try some free guided meditations there. I decided a while back to upgrade to the premium version (I think it was $12 per month). But you can try it for free and see what you think. I don’t get any money for recommending them.  Just damn good stuff.

Another way to develop the mind is with binaural beat technology…syncing brainwaves to different brainwave frequencies with headphones and binaural recording like at which is $17 per month. Brainwave frequencies are delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma. Delta is pretty much in the deep sleep range and it goes on up to alpha which is a relaxed state of mind when one is chilling and perhaps daydreaming or meditating.  Beta is when you are really focused and busy, often what you might be at a busy job. Gamma is what some Buddhist monks go into while meditating on compassion and so on.

One of the most well-known pioneers in this area is the Monroe Institute and their Hemi-Sync technology. The founder, the late Robert Monroe, was a pioneer in popularizing out-of-body experiences as well as other explorations of consciousness. Many Hemi-Sync recordings can be either bought as CDs or downloaded as digital recordings on your computer.

Of course, you can meditate for free…carve out some quiet time, undisturbed in your room.  Or try a walking Meditationmeditation. Or meditate out in nature, such as at the beach, a lake, in the woods.

It seems like the practice of yoga can really dovetail with a meditation practice. The mind and the body are not so separate and have intertwining and overlapping effects on each other. You can start a yoga practice on your own. If you like, you could check out some of the yoga sessions available at where several other different exercise routines can also be accessed by picking the annual membership of Beachbody On Demand for less than $100 per year.

Best wishes with however you choose to customize your own meditation and mind development path.

Get Big Discounts AND Make Money

Get Big Discounts AND Make Money

What if I told you there was a way to buy healthy items, even organic in many cases, from multiple companies at discount prices all via one online portal?  What if I told you that you could also become an affiliate and make money by sharing the info with others via your replicated website? What if I told you that trees would be planted if you join? What if I told you the annual membership fee for this sort of quasi-Amazon like online shopping for healthy discounts was less than $100?  And that shipping for orders greater than $79 is free… well, check out and you will see it is true. You can thank me later. Meanwhile, let’s keep improving mind, body, soul and finances! Like I was at two a.m. this morning in the pic above as I get closer to my fifty ninth birthday this summer.

…written by Kirby Scott Coe, R.N. and President of Holistic Abundance Inc.

Beachbody Coach for Fitness and Money Potential!

Beachbody Coach for Fitness and Money Potential!

Recently became a Beach body Coach after already liking their tremendous variety of quality workout programs. Many folks over time have probably heard of some of their workout DVDs such as P90X and Insanity plus others. Well, now for a low price, people can choose the Beachbody On Demand option, which I did a few months ago so I wouldn’t be limited to having to choose just one or two workout DVD sets. I was especially interested in the variety of yoga workouts. Yoga is absolutely awesome for improving body, mind and soul…although the Western mass appeal tends to emphasize the physical benefits. So, anyway, as I looked into it more, I saw that there was a potential to actually make some money off of sharing something I already like anyway!  …become a Beachbody Coach!  Then I took a closer look at the Shakeology aspect of Beachbody as well and just got my month supply delivered. Awesome blend of a variety of superfoods with being high-protein, low fat, low calorie–and a cool concept of a healthy meal substitute. I can personally vouch for the great taste, plus it really does fill you up.

…why not check out my Beachbody Coach website for more info?—

written by Kirby Scott Coe, R.N., President of Holistic Abundance Inc., and taking courses to become a Certified Personal Trainer

Plexus Double-Dose of Fitness and Money Potential

Plexus Double-Dose of Fitness and Money Potential

I just started with the Plexus opportunity and I gotta say that I am really impressed with Plexus Slim and Plexus Accelerator so far. I am a busy 58 year old RN, working back-to-back 60 hour work weeks–but still wanted to get in my weight-training gym session on my night off.  Took my new Plexus products before the workout and had tremendous energy and endurance for one of my best workouts in a while…got in extra reps, extra sets, drop sets, supersets, heavy weights, etc. and I feel like Plexus really helped amp me up. I do have to add that I also take Dr. Jim Stoppani’s Pre-JYM which is now available at GNC (I don’t make any money by mentioning that or promoting that but I have to tell you that it is damn good stuff also). With Plexus, you can buy superb products that enhance health potential and also get your own ready-made website to share the story with others…and receptive folks into making money and/or health and wellness can either buy from your website and/or enroll to do the same. And you would then receive override commissions from their sales and the sales of people who they enroll.  One of my nieces talked me into checking it out and I am glad I did.

–written by Kirby Scott Coe, R.N., President of Holistic Abundance Inc.

Fitness and Exercise are HUGE with Holistic Abundance

Fitness and Exercise are HUGE with Holistic Abundance

When you think of HOLISTIC Abundance–which means body, mind, soul and finances–fitness and exercise are a huge facet. As a Registered Nurse, experienced exercise buff and in a program to actually become a Certified Personal Trainer, I will share a few general guidelines on fitness and exercise for your consideration. There is not a one-size-fits-all plan. Different folks are at different stages of their lives, different levels of current health, different goals…but nevertheless–

First of all, don’t become a slave to your workout and diet program.  Allow for being human, life having unexpected events that can throw off plans, and wanting to have some joy in your life instead of being totally beaten down by a too-demanding diet and exercise program that sucks the happiness from your life. Allow general guidelines for fitness and diet to enhance and improve your life!

Some degree of strength training is a good recommendation for most men and women, regardless of age. Using weights–free weights and/or machines can be a really efficient way to tone and/or build muscle and strength. Of course, be smart and adjust weights to your current fitness level and don’t overdo with weights that are too heavy or strain to the point of risking injury. Most experts recommend that even younger people who are already fairly fit should not train the same body parts with weights two days in a row. Allow at least one day for the muscles to recover–small microtears in the muscles have a chance to repair themselves and the rest phase is essential for muscle and strength growth. A good rule of thumb for building muscle is to use a weight that is just heavy enough to lift 7-14 times for a particular exercise. (Some may say 8-12 reps, etc., but in this general ballpark) –to mix it up, you may want to do some sets that involve heavier weights and less reps, which will really focus more on building strength, while picking a lighter weight where you can do more reps will help build endurance.

Other exercise options that are really good are–walking, yoga, swimming, a favorite exercise class that gets you moving–some are really enjoying Zumba–riding a bike, and mixing it up for a bit for variety. You can get too used to doing the exact same routine or “genre” of exercise and discover that you seem less fit than you thought you were, if you were getting good at weight-training and then you go to a yoga class or a martial arts class!

Find something you enjoy–if you do it consistently, your overall health will thank you.  You might not become the stereotype of a fitness model but your overall abundant lifestyle will be enhanced. Especially if you modify your diet also.  It is key to become more aware of making healthier diet choices…learn more about nutrition. You don’t have to become a fanatic about it but you will gradually get in much better shape if you at least adopt the “80-20” rule…which means, each week, eat approximately 80% healthy choices and allow 20% for some treats, a favorite dessert or snack, going out to eat, and so on…much more realistic and sustainable for long-term real life than feeling like you have to be constantly deprived and go on a “yo-yo” diet cycle where you lose some weight at first with a super rigid and strict diet but then gain weight back later on. Besides…having a meal or treat you like here and there can be part of having a fun life instead of becoming a slave to some Spartan lifestyle.  It is especially important to remember that if you eat way too few calories too many days in a row, trying to be determined about losing weight, it usually backfires anyway…your body will think it is going into starvation mode and adjust the metabolism so that you don’t burn off the calories, fat and so on as easily.

More exercise, fitness, diet, vitamins/supplements to come on this website in the near future. Remember, you don’t HAVE to have an expensive gym membership to exercise…there are bodyweight exercises you can do at home, etc.  I find that going to the gym helps me focus better on the activity myself–I am there at the gym to exercise! Sometimes when people have, say, some weights or a treadmill, or a bike, or exercise DVD at home, it just sits there unused for long stretches and the person says to himself (or herself)–“I know I’ll get around to it soon.” And the TV show or the kitchen distracts them and makes procrastination easier. But whatever works best for you. None of us are exactly the same. Experiment, tinker, be honest with yourself about how consistent you think you can be…try to find a realistic happy medium instead of engaging in the deadly “all-or-nothing” thinking where you either do nothing at all towards fitness and diet vs. setting overly ambitious goals that set you up for frustration and quitting entirely if you don’t adhere to the superhuman plan made in a few moments of enthusiasm.

Don’t quit!

(Written by Kirby Scott Coe, R.N., President of Holistic Abundance Inc., and in training to become a Certified Personal Trainer)

Abundance for Mind, Body, Soul and Finances

Abundance for Mind, Body, Soul and Finances

Here is the “home office” of my new corporation called “Holistic Abundance Inc.“–received the official articles of incorporation this week, developing plans and ways to help others and myself as we build together over the course of 2017–laying down the foundation. This concept came out of my side project/hobby/passion which started with my personal website –advocating for improvement across the prosperity/abundance spectrum–mind, body, soul and finances. My home office reflects some of the concept…yoga mat at my online “desk” with plants all around for a good, healthy vibe. Will keep expenses under control by not having to pay for a physical office presence out in the community. Will be practicing what I preach–continuing to work out and get in better shape, even in the process of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer…opening up corporate stock trading and investment accounts and forex/currency trading account as well as providing info on same and pointing website visitors to good websites that are exceptional for training and educating people in financial areas…having the corporation blend in some of the best network marketing opportunities and telling website visitors how to join, buy products and services, make money themselves via this route…utilizing affiliate marketing deals and telling website visitors more about how they can become partners for free with many strong companies and earn commissions via people clicking on banner ads online…promoting meditation and continuing education…not proselytizing on specific religions but blending in benefits of prayer, meditation/mindfulness (but, hey, if you’re an atheist because that is your mindset after an honest, genuine search for answers, I won’t be trying to convert you to a particular point of view–I don’t have all the answers and I am no guru).  Above all, I believe in the freedom to choose your own spiritual path, whether you are a Christian, Pagan, atheist, witch, Jew, Buddhist, universalist, etc. as long as you are not imposing your viewpoint via oppression of others who think and believe differently, limiting their freedom.

…a great paradox here is that I want to make money eventually myself with this venture…but there are certainly no guarantees of that–and I decided that I would enjoy this process and truly try to provide good value, info and ideas for others, even at times when I make absolutely no money from doing so…sort of like the Santa Claus on the old classic Miracle on 34th movie.

And our adventure is now beginning!