Augment Income with Network Marketing

Augment Income with Network Marketing

Network marketing can be a way to enhance your personal cash flow. Some also refer to this as MLM, or multilevel marketing. I focus on looking for opportunities in the MLM niche that do this—good products,  good money-making potential, and a user-friendly website for any potential recruits so they know they can both sell and enroll new folks via the vast reach of the internet instead of just relying on old-fashion and inefficient attempts to get one-on-one in person meetings with people to try and “sell” or “persuade” others to buy and/or enroll.

Sisel is a strong company with no debt and their own manufacturing facilities, plus they add the benefit of having  a variety of premium products instead of limiting you to just one product. You have premium coffees enhanced with chaga, bacopa, gotu kola, reishi. You have skin care.  You have essential oils.  You have oral care that is non-fluoride. You have hair care. You have weight-loss/vitamins and supplements products.

I like the fact that I can also choose to spend less time with this if I am busy with my Registered Nurse career working 12 hour night shifts, busy writing a book, busy starting a new corporation, working out at the gym, etc.–the website for my Sisel connection–  is online 24-7 even when I am asleep.

I also love–and you might also–how you have the potential to enroll others and receive override commissions on their sales and the sales of people they enroll and so on.

Many folks have tried some form of network marketing, aka MLM at some time in their lives and did not make much money off it…nothing is guaranteed. My approach is to find MLM opportunities  that I like, where I would use the products myself, and where I have a good website online all the time, even when I am busy with other activities in life.  I will keep doing Sisel and also add a few other network marketing activities as well, even though this will only be one facet of the large spectrum of holistic abundance/prosperity–improving mind, body, soul and finances.

Much more to come! Sincerely, Kirby Scott Coe, President of Holistic Abundance Inc., R.N.

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