Abundance Law of Attraction Store Opens Up!

Abundance Law of Attraction Store Opens Up!

Holistic Abundance Inc. is now opening up an online store!

As of late April, there are not all that many products loaded yet but feel free to keep checking the Abundance Law of Attraction Store, or www.abundancelawofattractionstore.com as time goes on for new additions and interesting deals.

Remember to balance your growth in multiple areas– mind, body, soul and finances. ┬áDon’t spend too much money here (or other places) if your budget is too tight…work on getting your savings up first, pay down your debt, look at ways to boost income, cash flow. You can meditate for free, perform some body weight exercises and yoga for free, maybe add in an inexpensive set of dumbbells for home use if a gym membership hurts the budget too much or you can’t afford the Beachbody On Demand $99 annual membership for access to all of those workouts. If you are overweight and also on a tight budget–you can actually help the budget by eating less, cutting out some expensive processed foods, or even expensive customized diet and supplement plans–eat some fresh veggies and fruits, drink plenty of water, some oatmeal, get some whey protein powder, perhaps a good multivitamin/mineral tablet for a little “insurance” so to speak.

Become mindful and more consciously aware of various habits, tinker with what seems to work best for you, try to carve out time to enjoy your life and don’t be a slave to feeling like you have to follow someone else’s plan or advice rigidly–filter through info and ideas from multiple sources, tailor your own holistic Abundance plan for mind, body, soul and finances. ┬áThen be flexible and willing to adapt and adjust as you grow and learn more.

I still don’t know it all either…does anyone?

Keep learning and growing and may you prosper!

–written by Kirby Scott Coe, R.N., President and Founder of Holistic Abundance Inc.

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